An uninterruptible power supply without batteries would be useless.

Battery life Factors to Consider

Battery life of a UPS is never what they said it will be. It can only be determined by carefully considering the following factors in maintaining the batteries.

Perfect location

Since UPS are known to heat up when used, proper ventilation should well-regarded to keep the machine cool and dry thus making way to an improve service life expectancies and reliability.
If possible, do a run test of the bought device to see if it has hidden damages or improper storing to early notify supplier so product replacement will still be available.

Reminder, be sure to identify if batteries are stored properly.

What’s the Weather

Always check to see if your storage area is at an appropriate temperature of 77° F (25° C).
The said temperature is based on the ambient temperature of a lead acid battery used on these.
If the temperature is somehow altered, life expectancy could be shortened by almost 50%. Best to ensure the temperature is well-maintained at all times.

Alarming Grid Corrosion

This phenomenon is always a result of the aging process. If the grid is seen positive as corroded will result to unreliable UPS and replacing it is the best option.

Discharge Cycle

Once a power failure occurs the UPS takes initiative and operate on battery power. When the power is back on, the used battery will then be recharged for future use. This loop is called the Discharge cycle.

To put it simply, the battery is like a loaf or bread. The bread could be sliced into thin pieces and could also be sliced on thick pieces but the amount still remains.
No need to worry if your UPS is running on battery or utility power as long as there is power worrying is not an option.


Always remember to maximize your UPS uptime. Checking should be done yearly or quarterly for early detection of damages without interruption or loss of backup power. If disregarded to do so, premature failure, slow loading, and other issues would arise and affect and delay the ongoing process.

However, there are UPS batteries said to be maintenance-free. The truth is they are not really maintenance-free but only with less like the idea of fluid. Checking should still be initiated to keep an eye out on damages and other issues before it badly affects your system.

If your batteries are kept well-maintained and properly stored, life expectancy is sure to be longer than expected.