Infographical Compilation

Self-made infographics ready to teach and reach.

UPS: Battery Life Factors to Consider for Longer Use

Keeping the main source of the UPS well-maintained and properly stored would result to a longer life expectancy rate. To know the factors just click here!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Catamaran

Buying a catamaran shows off the hard-earned achievements, learn what your attitude should be when buying one.

5 Home Appliances that uses UPS and How to take care of one

Keep your home appliances safe and have them protected with a UPS...

Accounting Outsourced: 3 Things to look out For

Accounting in the business could be exposed to these three fraudulent acts, understand them and avoid these.

5 Tips to keep your home electrically safe this Christmas

Christmas season are bringing excitement to homes but are you electrically safe to stay at your home.

Tornado in the Philippines and What to do During One

The Philippines is no stranger to natural calamities. Each year, an average of eight or nine tropical storm landfalls on us, another ten enters only the water territories. Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, we also have our share... Continue Reading →

Treating Minor Wounds

Minor wounds could be caused by small accidents such as falling, scrapes, and bumps that tend to have no lasting consequences. Whatever the reason behind the wound be, be sure to give it enough attention and proper care to avoid... Continue Reading →

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